According to the writings of Plato. Atlantis was an island nation that
existed about 11,000 years ago, but was destroyed by a cataclysmic
event in 9000 B.C. It has its basis in Greek mythology as the dream of
Poseidon, the god of the sea. According to legend, this island was an
important center for trade and commerce and has water canals
traversing its surface. Villages dotted the slopes of the mountains.
Abundant harvests provided the food, but eventually the people were
consumed by greed. As a punishment, Zeus destroyed the island with a
massive tsunami.

There are many who do believe that Atlantis actually existed and can
be found under the sea. However, the location is uncertain. Some
believe it to have been in the area of the Greek island of Thera in
the Mediterranean and others believe that it was in the Atlantic
Ocean. Some of the theories about its existence point to the
similarities between the destruction of Atlantis and that of Thera.
Although Plato insisted his story was true there is no archaeological
evidence to confirm it.

Plato did prove some key facts as to its location. He stated that it
was opposite the Straits of Gibraltar, which he called the Pillars of
Hercules. It was larger than Asia and Africa combined and that sailing
from this island, one could reach a true continent. In 1968, a
discovery in the Bahamas fueled claims that Atlantis was originally
located in this area of the Atlantic Ocean. This discovery has been
called the Bimini Wall or Bimini Road. It was a paved man made road in
three fathoms of water off the North Bimini Island.

Many stories and films have focused on the legend of Atlantis, such as
Stargate Atlantis. Atlantis; The Lost Empire and the video game
entitled Tomb Raider.