Also known as the Sasquatch, Bigfoot is a creature believed to inhabit
the northwestern region of the United States and the Canadian province
of British Columbia. It has been described as a large creature covered
in hair. Experts believe it to be related to similar creatures
reported in other parts of the world, such as the Yeti. While many
believe that this creature does exist, many of the photographs of the
creature have proved to be hoaxes.

According to reports, Bigfoot is a very tall creature between 7 and 10
feet tall. The entire body is covered with dark or reddish brown fur.
It does not seem to have any neck with its head resting entirely on
the shoulders. The facial features are very similar to that of a

Sightings of this creature are not new, as the Native Peoples of the
Northwest reported seeing Bigfoot back in the 17th and 18th centuries.
The name Sasquatch is the name they gave the creature. In 1924, there
were numerous reports of sightings of apelike creatures in an area of
Washington State, which is now called Ape Canyon. Large footprints
were seen in Humbolt County, California in 1958, which is where the
name Bigfoot comes from.

Scientists do not believe that Bigfoot exists because of the areas in
which it has been reported. These areas would not support life for
such a large creature. However, there is evidence that there is such a
creature in existence due to the footprints and handprints that have
been found. Photographs and casts of these prints have been taken, and
there is a body cast taken in 2000, which scientist do admit do not
belong to any known animal. Hair samples have also been taken from
trees and bushes and through testing scientists confirm the samples do
not match that of a gorilla. However, there is no fossil evidence of
any Bigfoot creatures. It is possible, though, that if skeletal
remains of such a creature were to be found, experts may claim that it
is that of a very large human.