Crop Circles

Crop circles refer to the flattening of fields of crops in perfect
circles. There have been many occurrences of these throughout the
centuries and they have been found all over the world, but there seem
to be more of them in England than any other location. While some of
them have been found to be man made, there are some for which no
explanation is available. They are geometric patterns, often with
intricate and complex details.

Some of the investigations of crop circles in Surrey, England,
concluded that they were the result of erratic weather patterns.
However, in 1966, a farmer in Tully, Queensland, Australia reported
seeing a circular shaped craft hovering over his fields. When he went
to investigate, the mysterious object was nowhere to be found but an
area of reeds had been flattened in a circular shape. Many crops
circles appeared in England in the 1970's and 1980's. In all, more
than 12,000 of these circles have been found all over the world.

The early crop circles were simply circles. Since the circles of the
past three decades have more complex geometrical properties,
scientists have placed them into two categories. Those occurring
between 1970 and 2000 seem to follow sacred geometry, while those
occurring since 2000 seem to have other principles of science and
mathematics involved in the design. The perfect symmetry of the
circles is what confounds the experts and the fact that they appear

There have been pranksters involved in the creation of crop circles.
However, there still are circles for which there is no logical
explanation. In some cases, reports of strange lights in the sky have
been associated with their appearance. In England, there are many such
circles near ancient sites, such as Stonehenge. This has given rise to
New Age Followers who gather in these circles in an attempt to contact