Where Is Xur Today? (December 29-January 2) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide


Xur is back in Destiny 2 this weekend, giving you one last chance to pick up new Exotics and Legendary gear before the end of The Dawning. Here's where you can find Xur this weekend and everything he's selling.

This week you can find Xur on Nessus, in the Watcher's Grave area.

Xur is offering Skyburner's Oath for his Exotic weapon this week. Hunters can snag the Orpheus Rig leg armor; Titans have the Hallowfire Heart chest armor; and for Warlocks, Xur offers the Contraverse Hold gauntlets.

Xur Location

Look for Xur in a big tree at the north end of Watcher's Grave.

Spawn in at the Watcher's Grave transmat zone and use your Sparrow to head north along the edge of the area. You'll see a big tree ahead with pink moss hanging from its branches. Park at the base of the tree and climb up to the big branch that reaches back toward the south, over the area. Xur is standing on the branch, waiting for you.

Xur Exotic and Legendary Items

  • Exotic Engram - 97 Legendary Shards
  • Skyburner's Oath - 29 Legendary Shards
  • Orpheus Rig - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hallowfire Heart - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Contraverse Hold - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon - 200 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, 1 Exotic Cipher
  • Xenology quest - Free
  • Legendary weapons and armor - 50 Legendary Shards, 1,000 Glimmer

Exotic Armor

Orpheus Rig (Hunter leg armor)

Orpheus Rig

It's no longer the essential Hunter Exotic that it once was, but Orpheus Rig is still a useful piece of armor if you're playing a role focused on crowd control and support. It provides you an extra shot in the Moebius Quiver version of your Nightstalker super, while also providing extra ability energy for every enemy you tether with version of Nightstalker. The Exotic also generates extra Orbs of Power (although way less than it used to), which can help your teammates maximize their damage on tethered enemies. This Orpheus Rig has a bit of a weird stat distribution, but a very high total, so you might consider this set if it fits your build.

  • Mobility: 8
  • Resilience: 2
  • Recovery: 26
  • Discipline: 9
  • Intellect: 22
  • Strength: 2
  • Total: 69

Hallowfire Heart (Titan chest armor)

Hallowfire Heart

Hallowfire Heart is a pretty useful Titan Exotic for Hammer of Sol builds. If you're bonking people with your Solar hammers all the time and creating Sunspots, Hallowfire Heart can help you get the most out of them. When you get Solar kills while standing in Sunspots, you'll create another Sunspot, and the Exotic increases your ability recharge rate when your Super is charged, helping you get your hammers and grenades back even faster whenever you're not in a Sunspot. Unfortunately, this super-generalist roll is only if you're in need of this Exotic or want an even 10 points across the board for your build.

  • Mobility: 12
  • Resilience: 12
  • Recovery: 10
  • Discipline: 12
  • Intellect: 10
  • Strength: 12
  • Total: 68

Contraverse Hold (Warlock gauntlets)

Contraverse Hold

Contraverse Hold used to be a go-to Warlock Exotic for the Crucible. After its nerf, it's only so-so, although with adjustments to Void builds in recent years, it's back to having some distinct uses. Contraverse Hold gives you higher damage resistance whenever you're charging a Void grenade, and if you land a hit with a charged grenade, you get grenade energy back. So if you're whipping a lot of Void grenades at enemies to trigger different Void buffs like Devour, you can get a lot of use out of these gauntlets.

  • Mobility: 7
  • Resilience: 23
  • Recovery: 4
  • Discipline: 14
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 8
  • Total: 62

Exotic Weapons

Skyburner's Oath (Exotic scout rifle)

Skyburner's Oath

With changes to Solar and the rise of the Scorch debuff, Skyburner's Oath has become a pretty powerful Exotic scout rifle. It shoots explosive slugs and fires them in two different modes. When you aim down the sights, the slugs go straight and move faster than when you fire from the hip, making the gun more accurate. But firing from the hip creates a bigger explosion from impacts and adds Scorch to the target. Pair this with a Scorch-heavy Solar build and you can do some serious damage, especially against Cabal enemies, since Skyburner's Oath ignores Phalanx shields.

Hawkmoon (Exotic hand cannon)


You can safely skip this week's Hawkmoon roll, which has low Range compared to other versions. It sports Killing Wind, which does give you a Range boost when it activates, but only after you land a kill.

  • Paracausal Shot
  • Smallbore
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Killing Wind
  • Textured Grip

Legendary Armor

Lightkin GauntletsTitan Gauntlets14172222966
Lightkin PlateTitan Chest Armor6226622264
Lightkin MarkTitan Mark0000000
Lightkin HelmTitan Helmet614122141159
Lightkin GreavesTitan Leg Armor216167141065
Lightkin WrapsWarlock Gauntlets214141214662
Lightkin RobeWarlock Chest Armor101010761861
Lightkin BondWarlock Bond0000000
Lightkin CoverWarlock Helmet161214722162
Lightkin BootsWarlock Leg Armor156121261263
Lightkin GripsHunter Gauntlets21020715660
Lightkin VestHunter Chest Armor1112101121561
Lightkin CloakHunter Cloak0000000
Lightkin MaskHunter Helmet141726131062
Lightkin StridesHunter Leg Armor10202222662

Legendary Weapons

Friction FireKinetic submachine gunChambered Compensator/Corkscrew RiflingAccurized Rounds/Appended MagSubsistenceUnrelentingHandling Masterwork
ThoughtlessStasis sniper rifleArrowhead Break/FullboreExtended Mag/Accurized RoundsSteady HandsHeadstoneHandling Masterwork
No ReprieveStasis shotgunCorkscrew Rifling/Hammer-Forged RiflingAccurized Rounds/Extended MagTriple TapHeadstoneStability Masterwork
Ignition CodeKinetic grenade launcherLinear Compensator/Smart Drift ControlProximity Grenades/Spike GrenadesSlideshotThreshReload Speed Masterwork
Path of Least ResistenceArc trace rifleChambered Compensator/Polygonal RiflingEnhanced Battery/Particle RepeaterShoot to LootHarmonyHandling Masterwork
Honor's EdgeArc swordTempered Edge/Hungry EdgeBurst Guard/Swordmaster's GuardEnergy TransferFlash CounterImpact Masterwork
Memory InterdictVoid grenade launcherConfined Launch/Linear CompensatorAugmented Drum/Mini FragsImpulse AmplifierDisruption BreakBlast Radius Masterwork

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